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Aug 6 - Oct 22

All program + guest calls will take place at 12:00 PM Arizona time..
All calls will also be recorded so you can watch and learn even more.

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You want an in-depth, hands-ons approach to launching your media career! Think unlimited access to Kristen and Gillean and a group of like-minded business besties to help listen to your ideas and cheer you on along the way. There’s no gatekeeping here!

You want to level up your career, put your expertise to work, and make a huge impact by working with the media, whether that be in TV, writing, consulting, social media content creation, and so many other ways!

You’re ready to invest in yourself, knowing that taking this leap could mean finally getting paid what you’re worth and a serious income increase overall! 

You want in on a network of introductions and referrals to land the deals without doing it all on your own. We’re offering you a pass into the fast lane of getting started in the media!

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training calls…

These are the heart and soul of the mentorship! Each week we host these calls with topics tailored to our current group ranging from setting your rates, creating a plan to get your first $5K in media, crafting the perfect pitch, negotiating with brands and what to look for in contracts, mindset work, and goal setting. Additionally, we also hold our “True Mastermind Days” where each person gets time to share a challenge, question, or opportunity with the group. We then collaborate and pour into them our ideas, feedback, and solutions. Mentees always tell us it’s their favorite part—but we love it just as much!

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What you

This 12 week program takes you from the beginning to launching your media career and working towards landing your first media gig. Sign-up also includes access to the Making Money with Media + Curating Credibility courses (over $1400 value!)

Our why is because we know you’ve got the knowledge and the skills to make a big difference in the world of nutrition and now more than ever, your voice is needed. We have the skills to help you get there in 12 weeks! But our relationship doesn’t end after the mentorship. We are always here to support and cheer you on! 

You will have unlimited access to G + K and the ability to collaborate with your fellow mentees through a private Slack channel. Additionally, there will be hourly weekly calls with personalized support + 3 bonus speakers especially selected based on each group and their goals.  




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"Celebrating my first-ever 10K month"

Before joining the Media Mentorship program, I was still finding my footing in the media world. However, in a short time, I experienced remarkable growth: from my debut TV segment to securing two sponsored TV features, and celebrating my first-ever 10K month. Beyond the tangible milestones, my self-belief has transformed — I now see myself as an influential expert in my field. The unparalleled support and collaboration provided by Gillean and Kristen ensure every participant is primed for success, regardless of their aspirations. If you're on the fence about this program, take the leap; the results speak for themselves


"New brand deals and even a sponsored media trip!"

Participating in the Media Mentorship program led by Gillean and Kristen has been an extraordinary journey of personal and professional growth. Their unwavering support and rejection of gatekeeping mentality created an inclusive environment where I felt encouraged from the beginning. Through their guidance, I not only developed valuable connections within the industry but also witnessed a significant boost in my skills and confidence. The mentorship program has not only expanded my network but also translated into tangible accomplishments, with new brand deals and even a sponsored media trip! Expect to be inspired, empowered, and mentored by two incredible dietitians who genuinely invest in your success and will undoubtedly shape your journey in media for the better!


"I’ve had my highest earning months since doing the mentorship"

I am so glad that I found Gillean and Kristen! The media mentorship was the perfect way to end my first year of entrepreneurship.. I finished the mentorship with more confidence and clarity about what I have to offer when working with brands as a media dietitian as well as the tools to be successful. I’ve had my highest earning months since doing the mentorship - highly recommend! 

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Before the work can begin, we want to make sure you're all set for what’s ahead! If you're ready to jump in, make the investment, and get the most out of this amazing opportunity, please fill out this application. Keep in mind, our program runs for three months, but it's only a few hours a week, so no sweat! We're all about making sure you're all-in and excited to join us on this journey. We’re can’t wait to get to know you!

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EWI is a 4 figure investment. To help make the program accessible to multiple budgets, we do have payment plans to help spread the investment over several months with monthly payment options as low as $1,200/month.

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